Manchester United – Arsenal (2-0): The better team won

Going out of two competitions in a span of two weeks was miserable, and a good win at Old Trafford would have instilled some sort of faith. As we keep telling ourselves “Keep the Faith” and after last night it took a slight beating. It was hard not to look at United’s line up and think that we stood a real chance. Injuries had kept most of their players out and they started with 7 defenders, and with all due respect hardly the fearsome United side we have played down the years.

First off, the their character and work ethic was absolutely fantastic. They worked better as a team, and I cannot find one reason to slag them off. Anyone who writes United off on the back of a few defeats is foolish. When it comes right down to winning games they know how to do it and currently we know how to lose them. Perhaps we were still hungover from Barcelona and it played on our minds. But where is the mental strength and the character United showed on Saturday night?

I could write more than this and start bashing Denilson and Diaby. I could write volumes on the escapades of Diaby and Denilson in the Arsenal midfield. The icing on a vomit cake was Johan Djourou getting injured. I hope we have not thrown away our season in proper Arsenal fashion i.e. not having brought in a defender in the winter window and going down due to injuries. From a quadruple we have now come back to onetuple.

Let’s hope we can win the league. I am too depressed to write anything more. I would have liked to cover the Barcelona game, and I hope to if time permits.

Off to some studying now. ’til later Gooners.