Harry Who?

I have recently been studying for the CFA examination and a topic that I have particular disdain for is Ethics and Professional Standards. So before any CFA charter holder accepts a commission, gifts or any other compensation benefits he is expected to add a disclaimer. So here is mine: I am a Gooner and any comments made here are supposed to hit Havvy Vedknapp where it hurts.

My views may be clouded by my judgement, but all the reasoning I give here is absolutely veritable. SB earlier told me that my argument in a way was as ridiculous as me trying to convince him that Man City were better than Man Utd. My despise for Redknapp runs beyond Tottenham and let me dwell on this. The earlier post was one extolling Redknapp’s virtues as a great manager. Please remind me, what credentials does he hold to being touted as great manager? He has spent two full seasons at the Tiny Totts and all he has to his name is a Champion’s League spot and a couple of expensive signings (and one could perhaps throw in a few scandals and allegations while you’re at it).

The managers before Redknapp were Juande Ramos, Clive Allen and Martin Jol. Firstly, let me serenade you with some Elton John tunes Harry Redknapp’s “consistent” track record with the Spurs. The first season ended with 8th place and the second season in 5th place. Compare this to Ramos’, Allen’s and Jol’s record. Between them just ONE 11th place finish and for two seasons before that the Spurs finished in the fifth position. The gripe I have with people is that, on the back of one CL spot Redknapp is being paraded as a great manager.

Redknapp decided to revamp things at Tottenham, because clearly they were not good enough to see things through especially after the emergence of Abu Dhabi F.C. Manchester City’s firepower. Tottenham’s shopping list included Palacios, Keane, Crouch, Kaboul, van der Vaart, Kranjcar, Bassong, Chimbonda and Defoe. Now I am not sure of the exact valuations of each player, but I can safely estimate the number to cross the 50m quid mark. The same summer Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson made one signing each. Speaks for itself. I will come to the finances bit in a minute.

I consider him as the managerial version of Adebayor – a money grabbing mercenary. In my reckoning, Portsmouth were paid £5m in compensation and a further £5-6m to Redknapp for his contract. Compare this to AW who is paid £7m and I am not sure how much AF is paid. Please pardon the constant comparisons, but my benchmarks are the two longest serving managers and in my opinion the best at their jobs. I will come to the finances bit now.
This may get boring, but I need to address this. SB and the other Mancs will dismiss this as just “another defensive maneuver” by an Arse fan. The difference being United have silverware to show despite their pathetic finances, which is in stark contrast with Tottenham. In case you people may have noticed, Tottenham have two different t-shirt sponsors. Autonomy Corporation for the Premier League and Investec Bank for the rest of the competition. Does it not irk anyone when one looks at the obvious aberration? The answer is simple (and something the Mancs hate): debt. Tottenham piled on loads of debt in buying those players and are now with two shirt sponsors to (hopefully) reduce it. A manager’s primary job is to win trophies and there are certain responsibilities that a manager must take into consideration. Remember what he did at Portsmouth? He ran them into the ground now, didn’t he? I wish I had the time to delve further into the issue, but now is not the time. Anyone who is remotely interested in this can get in touch with me.

Now what can one say about a man who considers Gallas to be a great piece of business. I am sorry, but did you have your head up your arse?  The man is not a tactical genius and comes nowhere close to the expertise of AW. The only player I can credit him with is Gareth Bale who, ironically, was signed by Ramos.

As I said earlier, my despise for Reknapp has more to do with him than Tottenham. He is a mercenary who, at the whiff of the greenback will not think twice.

On to the next one.