Football can be so tribal at times. Have you ever though to yourself “What the hell makes him/her support some other team!?!?!” Well I have and honestly I have no clue!! I’ve been a Gunner as long as I can remember and can’t, for the life of me, figure why anyone would support anyone else, it’s become a way of life. The first website visited in the morning is something that’s gonna give me the low down on what’s happening with my beloved club, tuning into the TV an hour before kick off just to get a feel for what’s happening, the ecstasy of an outworldly piece of skill, that all-important interception or just the sight of the ball hitting the back of the net sending me into sheer delirium. It just makes life worth living.

One of my favourite memories has to be my 10th birthday when I was woken up by my dad with a box in his hands. I opened it and it was Dennis Bergkamp’s Reeboks, I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I slipped them on immediately, even wore them when I went to the loo that morning. He’s the player I always wanted to be, my idol and I would still say he has to be my favourite player of all time. Every club has their terrace idols, their heroes and Bergkamp was Arsenal’s and mine. Every time he touched the ball there was a sense of anticipation, that something glorious was about to happen, every goal was just so special. The Ice Man epitomised everything good about the Gunners. Though Le Professor inherited the Non-flying Dutchman from Bruce Rioch, he was the definition of a “Wenger signing”. The ability to thread the ball through invisible gaps was just breathtaking, the man could drop the ball on a coin from practically anywhere on the pitch. In my opinion, his pirouette around Dabizas was the most scintillating goal ever scored in the Premier League, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it defied the forces of nature, logic and hand eye coordination. As a testament to the phenomenon that was DB10, he was rewarded with a testimonial match as the curtain raiser to the Emirates Stadium in 2006 against his 1st club Ajax. Some of the players who took part were Vieira, Petit, Overmars, Dixon, and Wright. Not to mention Van Basten, Johan Cruyff, the De Boer brothers and Edgar Davids. Just to show what this meant to people, Thierry Henry chartered a private jet from New York just to play this match. THERE’S ONLY ONE DENNIS BERGKAMP, WALKING ALONG, SINGING HIS SONG, WALKING IN AN ARSENAL WONDERLAND!!! LEGEND!!!

Every team has their ups and downs and “The Arsenal” are going through a period where they have become perennial brides maids. It wasn’t that long that I had my chest puffed out flaunting an untainted season by a team tagged “The Invincibles”, but I honestly am very proud of what Le Prof has achieved on a budget that even a Scotsman would call stingy. The uncanny knack of finding talent is astonishing. I’m a believer and I really don’t think we are that far from what could be a team to wipe the floor with others over the next few years. Our starting 11, I think, is the best in the league. It’s just the inconsistency and lack of heart from some that gets to me. From the performance we put up against Barca where every player seemed like the reincarnation of the Duracell Bunny to some performances that hardly flatter the manicured playing surface at the Emirates Stadium, is just bemusing. The way this season is going I’m sure my heart’s going to give up on me before the season draws to a close. Then again it’s all worth it and I’m willing to take that risk. It’s like this team likes falling into trenches, crawling out of them, and then straight into the next one. If we had held on to our considerable leads and not dropped points against teams with less talent then Britney Spears, that too at home, we would have had a hand on the Premier League trophy and been blowing kisses to the rest of the league by now. Instead we trail Manure by a 5 points with a game in hand and are looking over our shoulder at Chelski, galvanized by their new striker, Fernando Torres…..errr…. sorry, I mean David Luiz 😛

There’s so much to say but I have to take your leave for now, work tomorrow. Well I have to don’t I, who else is gonna pay for my Ferrari, gold watch and diamond-studded mouth!?!  I never thought writing could be fun, so here goes. Do expect to hear more from me. Like it or not – I don’t really care, go to a different blog if you don’t! I’d like to thank SB and AP for taking an initiative and starting this blog, good on you lads.

G’night one and all.


Writing credits: RT