Sunday Hungover Rant

Something is wrong with this Arsenal team. Only we could have drawn with Wigan, Blackburn, gone 4 – zip up at Newcastle and finished with a draw and conceded a penalty in the final move of the game. Something is not right.

For me, Arsene Wenger it still the man for the job. The manager does not need to change, but the manager needs a change in ways. He must step up and accept responsibility, and make his players carry responsibility.

Yes, I am still hungover from the Liverpool game. Tonight we face Tottenham, and we are going into this game on the back of a Manchester United draw. Mathematically we are still within shout for the title. A win at White Hart Lane is required or else we are gift-wrapping the title to United.

Here’s to a win at WHL.

P.S.: My friend KJ tells me to mention that Newcastle did put up a great fight against Manchester United last night. To quote KJ: “If one can’t score, at least they can defend and that’s what they did and that’s what they showed us”. He is a born Toon.