Seeing Red.

There was an enormous debate over the Vincent Kompany red card, which was awarded in the FA Cup tie against Manchester United.
There is always a flip-side to every decision awarded by the referee.  There will be a significant number agreeing with the referee’s decision while there will be a few, busy preparing a counter argument as to why the player was unjustly penalized.
According to the FIFA issued ‘Laws of The Game‘ manual:
The referee has the power to show yellow or red cards during the half-time interval and after the match has finished as well as during extra time and kicks from the penalty mark, since the match remains under his jurisdiction at these times”
The above statement cements the fact, that the power entrusted with the referee is absolute.
Similarly the Powers and Duties of a referee from the same manual:
The referee has the power to stop, suspend or abandon the match, at his discretion, for any infringements of the Law
Once again, this statement validates the first point; A referee has absolute judicial control over a football match.
Now that  the power of the referee has been established, let us get back to the Kompany challenge on Nani, during the FA Cup tie between the two Manchester clubs.
Any football fan would agree that a two footed lunge by a player is a straight red.
Now I raise the question whether the outcome of a tackle is required to judge the decision a referee inflictsor is the simple (maybe honest, leaving aside intention) mistake committed by a footballer is enough to warrant a card from the referee.
My opinion rests in the latter.
I do not believe that the outcome of a tackle should be taken into consideration by a referee. The rules laid down dictate what a player can and cannot do. There are clear boundaries between what constitutes a legitimate play and what resembles a foul.
Taking into consideration the Kompany tackle, a two footed lunge on an oncoming player (by this I mean a scissor lunge, a defender catching the player between both his legs) is an absolute no no. Whether or not Kompany won the ball or touched Nani is not the question. The fact that he went through with his tackle is a mere justification of the red card he received as a result.
The referee cannot wait till a player gets injured on the pitch. It is his decision to make sure that the 22 men on the filed adhere to the rules and play according to what is known as the beautiful game.
I leave you all with three horrific injuries which were results of career-threatening tackles by players.

Writing credits : AP