It will happen, sooner rather than later

For the longest time, I have been arguing with fellow hack SB about the use of video technology. As you may suspect, I am all for it. It just irks me that football… Continue reading

Why United could still have a joyless season

Not too long ago, Arsenal and their fans believed they could challenge for a quadruple – they were in the finals of the Carling Cup against a seemingly beatable Birmingham City, had a… Continue reading

The Unsackables

Surely there’s no such thing as a guaranteed job is there!? Well for most there isn’t – be it football or any other industry. Most football clubs suffer from the “Revolving Door Syndrome”… Continue reading

Whatever happened to the 4-4-2?

I’d like to to talk about the contemporary game and how it’s changed ever since I started watching, 10 years ago – Football, and the way it’s, played has changed a lot over… Continue reading

The da Silva Twins – And What They Bring

Arguably, the da Silva twins played their most important game in last week’s FA Cup QF clash against Arsenal. The boys first enthralled Manchester United fans in their few cameo roles two seasons… Continue reading

Matt Jarvis: Lion enough?

Back in 1960, Steve Bull, Wolverhamptons talismanic striker and club legend was called up for national duty. Nearly four decades later, Millwal youth product and current Wolverhampton winger Matt Jarvis has become the second player from… Continue reading


Football can be so tribal at times. Have you ever though to yourself “What the hell makes him/her support some other team!?!?!” Well I have and honestly I have no clue!! I’ve been… Continue reading

Team of the year

On one of my favoured football sites the other day ( I came across an interesting article which featured a Playing XI of what they believed were the best signings of the season.… Continue reading

The Broken Curse

(Submitted by Rutul Parikh on 17th March. Sincere apologies for the delay in posting!) Thinking about the UEFA Champions League Pre-Quarters second leg match against Lyon, I was always apprehensive about the result… Continue reading

What might have been

Everyone knows that United had almost secured Ronaldinho’s servicesfrom PSG. Exactly why did he move to Barca? Here’s the inside story.Barcelona had just elected Jan Laporta as it’s new president and hehad a… Continue reading